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Why Organic?

Organic agriculture is critical to the survival of farmers and the healthy stewardship of our land.

The Family Garden is a Certified Organic Farm. This means that absolutely no synthetic chemicals are used anywhere on our land and none are applied to your food.  Being certified by a third party, QCS, gives the consumer the added assurance that everything we produce is monitored by a strict and thorough set of rules.  There are many local farms advertising their goods as "sustainable grown", "not-sprayed", or even "organic".  While some of these farms are truly producing a chemical free product, many take advantage of a consumers trust and falsely label their produce, many times selling conventional produce bought on the open market as coming from their own fields and still somehow being "organic".  Organic Certification only adds a small expense to the overall farm production budget.  The expense is well worth the cost to ensure folks eating the food that their food is clean.


At The Family Garden we strive to improve our land with good stewardship, and grow quality products at a reasonable price.  Our family eats everything grown on our land and we need the assurance of the good agricultural practices laid out in National Organic Program Standards to keep toxins out of our food.  By producing on an adequate scale we can offer the same good clean food to you.




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