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modified Filipino veggie torta

This Filipino dish is like a quiche but you don't have to use as many eggs, so less cholesterol. It's different from traditional Filipino tortas b/c they use more meat, and less veggies, and this is the opposite (more vegges, less meat). It's best to have either a mixer or blender to beat your whites first. It's recommended to use a nonstick pan if you want your torta to come out circular unto your plate, but if you are okay with a normal half moon omellete, I think an iron skillet will do. I don't have a nonstick and just use my iron skillet. I wouldn't recommend the stainless steel pans!


Any of the greens from your csa share (except for lettuce): 2 cups thinly sliced

2 cloves chopped garlic

1/4-1/2 cup onion

any extra left over stir fry veggies from prev. meals

any left over meat (optional): ie ground beef and others that are chopped up or meat substitute

2 tsp herbs (if you got rosemary or parsley or other you want to experiment with)


*4 eggs (must separate whites from yolks) but save the yolk, b/c you will still use them

Saute onions and garlic in butter until light brown or until onion is see through or when you think it's ready

add your choped up meat or meat substitute (make sure that they are thoroughly cooked) and continue to saute, rub more butter to pan if pan is starting to dry up

add veggies and continue to saute briefly, spinach wilts fast, so don't keep them in the pan too long. If you are adding other veggies with spinach, saute spinach last if those other veggies need to cook longer. Place veggies in another bowl.

If you can multi task (which I have to do all the time), while you are sauting your veggies, separate your egg whites from yolks ino separate bowl, begin to mix your whites with a mixer/beater. Beat whites until foamy and thick. When whites are ready, mix in your yokes. Now you have a nice greater mixture than what you started off with when you just had plain unbeaten whites.

place all veggies/meat in egg mixture. Then in a hot WELL buttered nonstick/iron skillet pan (medium heat), pour mixture and even out your veggies and meat.

If you just want to make an ommellette, start checking edges to see if they are gettin firm. Take your spatchula and make sure the bottom part of the ommellete is secure. Then just flip one side over unto the other. Then take a plate and put it on top of the pan and flip pan over to plate. Slide the other side of the omellette unto the pan to finish cooking the other side.

If you want to make a circular ommellette, this is a bit challenging. When you are confident that all your edges and bottom are done, take a plate that covers the pan and flip it over unto the dish. You have to carefully slide the ommellette back into the pan to cook the other side.

I made a regular filipino omellette this morning using 6 eggs with arugula and spinach, left over stir fry peppers and 3 pinky sized chopped up pieces of left over pork chops and it fed 6 of us this morning.



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