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CSA Testimonials

Here is what some folks have said about their CSA experience with us:


Hi Jordan,

I just wanted to let you know we were part of the CSA for two years and absolutely loved it. We had to move away and we really miss your produce already! We found a new CSA here in Missouri but its not the same. Getting our produce from you was really awesome. Thanks so much for the past 2 years!



Hey Jordan,
1. The quality of the produce has been excellent.  Gorgeous produce with the distinctive full flavors of organic growing practices picked at the precise moment of ripeness.  And by gorgeous, I mean, your produce is consistently nearly flawless.  We regularly take time out before cooking to just marvel at the beauty of your produce laying on our counter and give thanks to you and your team for making this happen.
2. The quantity of the produce is large.  We've periodically done the math and every time find that you're giving us big savings.  And the quantity has proven perfect for our family's weekly cooking schedule.
3. The diversity of the produce is excellent.  From the romanesco to the potatoes and beets to the greens and wide array of other vegetables to the strawberries and now even peaches, we love never knowing what will turn up each week.  My kids still regularly kvetch for the kale and other favorites gone by until next season.
4. The logistics of getting the goods to us are a snap.  The detailed emails, clear communications of farm happenings (and awesome pictures) and flexibility in dealing with complicated families have all been extremely accommodating to us. 
Basically, we've been thrilled this year and look forward to another great one.

-Rob and family.
Our family (2 adults and 3 children, 5yrs. and under) has now done the Family Garden CSA for 2 years. We love it. We have made several attempts at gardening in the past, as well as our best effort to buy "healthy" from grocery stores, but subscribing to our share of organic fruits and veggies from the Family Garden has revolutionized our eating. We now eat according to what's in season and grown locally. We base our meals around our produce, instead of adding them as an after-thought, and the best part is, the grocery budget hasn't seen a change. For less than $25 per week we're getting a couple grocery bags full of fresh produce.
Admittedly, Its been a challenge to learn how to cook new veggies like romanescoe and eggplant (which we rarely ate before), but its been exciting to learn and a pleasant surprise to see what the kids will eat.  Its become very important to us to support small-scale farming that treats farm-workers fairly, and I'm confident that we're doing that by supporting the Brown family and their business.
-Valery Stonerook

Here are some more shots from our UF Farmer's Market pick-up!


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